Mezzanines, upgrades for businesses and homes, new warehouses, framing and building solutions.
IronOak Constructions offers unique personalized mezzanines for warehouses and factory upgrade solutions for customers and small businesses Australia wide.
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Cost-effective soluctions

Our goal is to combine our extensive building knowledge and high-quality customer service to achieve the best solutions that will optimise efficiency, increase business productivity and expand valuable working space for growing businesses and investors.

Ironoak constructions offers high quality cost-effective mezzanine floor solutions and turn-key office fit out packages to suit our diverse range of customers. We offer solutions to suit all scenarios including industrial, commercial and even the new common man caves. 



Mezzanine floors are raised storage solutions that add asset value to the premises and increase usable floorspace of operational areas or storage.

Expanding businesses can SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars on relocating costs and lost turnover caused by downtime, and further stresses of finding premises that suit their needs. The hassle-free option of going up in space can suit investors looking to increase value and rental return in tenancies at a fraction of the cost which they purchased to premises.



To take advantage of the usable vertical space we consult on onsite inspection and site measure to introduce our knowledge and help decide on a tailored package that works best for your needs. 

The mezzanine floor is designed and engineered compliant to Australian building codes and is manufactured off site by local businesses using Australian quality steel. Using only highly reputable materials and suppliers we offer a professional licensed installation team will work AROUND YOUR NEEDS, to avoid any disruptions to trading we offer tailored installations to suit YOU.

The turnaround from the initial onsite consultation to installation can be done extremely quickly!  we control every step of the way! We are not a marketing company, we are the team that offers a high-quality product, manufactured by Australian’s and installed by Ironoak constructions. We are there onsite every step of the way to ensure the highest standard and finish is achieved!

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We offer customisable solutions that take into consideration the needs of our customers, we assess and design our floor systems around the premises existing structures and obstacles.

Our floor system is independent and doesn’t have to rely on the existing building to take shape, we can assess and utilize steel connection points, increase beam span distances or achieve no steel columns to have clear work spaces all in our first visit.

Our mezzanines and floor system are designed with dismountable and easy to relocate parts and can be built over existing structures to avoid disruption and down time.

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Expanding Businesses

That are investing in a new image or appeal to the public by upgrading their retail premises façade with an updated office and warehouse or that are looking for more useable floor space to increase operational turnover or production capabilities.


Looking to introduce new processing lines and conveyor systems in an already crowded warehouse can do so by installing a mezzanine floor for further useable work area


Looking to increase their rental returns and achieve higher yields at a margin of the cost to buying another tenancy.


Who want to deal with the builder onsite for the entire process of the journey from consultation to handover.


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