Mezzanine Installations, structural upgrades for businesses, homes & public structures.
We utilize modern techniques and cutting-edge technology to install your mezzanine—safely, effectively, and efficiently. No job is too big, no mezzanine too small.
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Cost-effective solutions

From routine service and expansion to deck extensions and flooring upgrades, we are confident we can pull it off in a TIMELY, COST-EFFECTIVE, and PROFESSIONAL manner.

Our goal is to combine our extensive installing knowledge and high-quality customer service to achieve the best solutions that will optimize efficiency, increase business productivity and expand valuable working space for growing businesses and investors.

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We combine extensive knowledge in mezzanine installation and first-hand understanding of general building concepts with an optimised, high-quality customer service system. These three together yield the best solutions to meet our client’s specific needs. If you need to expand your workspace as your business grows, develop your infrastructure investment, or simply alter your current interior setup, IronOak is the best choice for you.


At IronOak, we are fully aware of the fact that installation is the most important step for mezzanine, flooring, and deck projects. High-quality materials and well-crafted architectural designs can be compromised if the installation is less-than-ideal.



IronOak is a team of experienced carpenters focused on delivering top-quality services that are safe, timely, and cost-effective. Backed by 10 years of extensive industry experience – and armed with only the best tools and techniques – we are capable of turning plans, projects, and architectural concepts into safe and perfect spaces.


We are professionals specializing in mezzanine, deck, and flooring installation. We discuss, renew, and revise construction plans with our clients to create an optimal solution that prioritizes safety and structural integrity without compromising aesthetics, schedule, and budget. We also provide detailed reports for project managers outlining the process, progress, and project quality.


Getting a general handyman – or even asking a friend! – to install your mezzanine for you carries significant safety and legal risks.  In the event of accidents and injuries that happen on-site, you or your friend could be held accountable. 

Miscommunication, incorrect certification (or the lack thereof), and failure to procure and present the right permit could land both parties in serious hot water. The repercussions and exorbitant fees are definitely not worth the money you (could) save when hiring cheaper contractors. 

When it comes to infrastructure, safety and quality go a long way. Always work with licensed and insured professionals!

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We offer customisable solutions that take into consideration the needs of our customers, we assess and design our floor systems around the premises existing structures and obstacles.

Our floor system is independent and doesn’t have to rely on the existing building to take shape, we can assess and utilize steel connection points, increase beam span distances or achieve no steel columns to have clear work spaces all in our first visit.

Our mezzanines and floor system are designed with dismountable and easy to relocate parts and can be built over existing structures to avoid disruption and down time.

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Expanding Businesses

That are investing in a new image or appeal to the public by upgrading their retail premises façade with an updated office and warehouse or that are looking for more useable floor space to increase operational turnover or production capabilities.


Looking to introduce new processing lines and conveyor systems in an already crowded warehouse can do so by installing a mezzanine floor for further useable work area


Looking to increase their rental returns and achieve higher yields at a margin of the cost to buying another tenancy.


Who want to deal with the builder onsite for the entire process of the journey from consultation to handover.


How long does it take to install a mezzanine?

For mezzanines that average under 60sqm in size, it would take around 3-4 days to install it safely.

Do you offer site measurements and planning?

Yes! Part of what we do is work with our clients beforehand to discuss their vision and revise if necessary. We’re more than happy to work with your engineer or draftsman to hash out the details and ensure that everything lines up correctly.

Will the mezzanine installation disrupt my business?

It could, potentially, cause minor disruptions. But if you prefer, we can always work after business hours or over the weekend to minimise inconveniences. Our team at IronOak is composed of industry professionals that are as efficient as they are experienced. Rest assured, installation won’t take longer than necessary.

What are the risks of hiring an unlicensed or inexperienced crew to install my mezzanine or deck? 

The best materials and the most perfect plans can be waylaid by flawed execution. 
At the end of the day, installation quality can make or break any architectural project. The number of times we’ve been called in to correct plans that could have been done right on the first try is simply astounding. 

Save time, save money, and save yourself from potential headaches. 

Hire licensed and insured companies that can guarantee a flawless, top-tier installation from the get-go.